A Walk To Remember

Hi! Well it’s pretty short notice. But that’s me, procrastination is my thing. Anyways, I have created an event for every Friday from here to May 2018. It’s called, “A Walk to Remember”.

You can find it and register at A Walk To Remember. It’s clearly free. 🙂 But by putting your name down we are saying we are standing up.

We have all either been affected by or know someone who has had a mental illness. Or in the worst case situation, has committed suicide. By walking and committing to it for every friday until May of 2018 we are showing the country and world that we are here, we are tired of carrying this shame and we have a right to be able to get our medications, and treatment.

Our poor Primary care doctors and nurses are so overwhelmed trying to treat us it’s literally the definition of insane. Mayo in my experience has truly set the stage for what Mental Health Care needs to look like, or at least what the beginnings of successful recovery should look like. They are not perfect, but when I find courage I will tell you my experiance and almost death at one of the hospitals here. I will not give that hospitals name, but I will say it was not Theda Care. But if they send me one more bill for pumping my stomach, I will post it and my story about the horrendous treatment ALL over the internet. And if you need reassurance, yep there’s an after life.

That being said, things must change, CS Lewis was quoted as saying, “Courage is the virtue that defines all virtues.” Define your virtues put on your Mental Health Awareness colors or one of them Green, Blue, Gray or Silver and take a quick walk. I don’t care how far, just remember your walking for someone else who can’t today.


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