Friday the 13th 1st Walk to Remember

Kind of an ironic day to start this out on. There are a few stories of how Friday the 13th came to be but the most believed or historically documented was the Pope issuing the death of the Knights Templars. They claimed witchcraft, worship of John the Baptists head whatever it was that they needed to behead, burn at the stake whatever to the Knights. Truth be told we came to find out he wanted the money. The Knights Templar were the first real banking system and had done a fantastic job of creating wealth. The Pope wasn’t gonna have none of that.

Well anyways, we walked tonight, my boyfriend and I. We took the time to talk about the people who need help but are too scared to get help. One tip, if you need to go to the psych unit the only area of the hospital that knows you are there is the psych unit, FOREVER. Those records stay there. Same thing with any counseling setting. It’s nearly impossible to get records transferred. I’ve actually had to physically pick them up myself.

But that’s not always the only reason. A lot of times just picking up the phone is hard. And friends and family struggle to say, “I’m doing it for you.” Not mine though, if I needed the padded room they’d put me there themselves. LOL They don’t like it either, but they won’t let me fall to far any more.

Tonight they were in my prayers, and will continue to weigh heavily on my heart. Somehow I must reach them. I don’t know how but I know I must. It’s okay out here. And when things start going together in your head again, you can get on with your life. Also I’m just saying if anyone gives you any crap for coming out to get help, they are going to have to come through me first. I don’t recommend it.


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