Perhaps this bird is not mythological. Perhaps he lives in all of us with mental illness. A bird who dies and is reborn with the wisdom of his predecessor . Read Wikipedia for more info. Phoenix (bird)

But that is exactly what we are. When the change/swing of mood happens and we go into that spiral we combust into flames. We feel as though we are dying. We are not though, we are going through the labor pains of rebirth.

When the fire is out and our ashes are on the ground we rise again. Better and stronger with more wisdom. It’s as though we have gone through a process of burning off something that was not productive in our lives.


I have a ways to go to finish mine. But the Phoenix is the representation of my life. I hold to this when I feel like I’m falling. Because it reminds me, I will be a different me but a stronger me when the crazy part is done. (I say crazy because I find humor in my disorders. I apologize if that offends anyone.)

So remember when you fall, you are the Phoenix, you WILL RISE AGAIN.

Don’t forget to register for  A Walk to Remember.

Registration is free, but by adding your name, we are showing the numbers. Keep speaking your voice your stories. Or tell me your stories, and let me tell them. You can add your story to the page as well. We must stand up and be heard. The numbers count.




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