I love my mood disorder…

I was looking over my posts and saw the trend. It was a little bit of a downer. What I guess I forgot to mention is the good stuff. lol Yep, there’s good stuff. I feel more deeply than anyone can imagine. When I laugh I really have found something funny, when I love it’s my whole heart and soul.

mardi-gras-1214385_1920 My capacity for love is much like the city of New Orleans, it is on fire, deep, vibrant, don’t go down a dark alley at night….okay kidding. Well, not about New Orleans really don’t do that. But my capacity for love and enjoyment is exciting. My senses are on fire, I want to see and do everything. I’m like an 8 year old at a water park.

I wish more people could experience such joy, but I suppose you must go through the horrible moments to enjoy the ones that turn us into fireflies.


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