“You just need to let God heal you”

Anyone with any disorder has heard this line before, “you don’t need medication you need God.” I’m not arguing needing God. Nor do I doubt that he can heal my; bipolar, depression, anxiety, ADHD, or PTSD. I have absolute faith that if it’s His will I will be healed.

The problem with that statement though is that I would never ask a diabetic to stop their medication or a cancer patient to stop theirs. So please don’t ask me to stop mine. If or when God chooses to heal the chemicals in my brain and correct my DNA I’m totally down for it. But until that time I will take my medicine.

God asks me to have faith not be an idiot. Okay, maybe he used the word fool. But same difference. He allowed this in my life and decided I was able to bare this. Now I must work with the tools he has given me to get through it.

This post is to not upset those who are waiting for a faith healing. That is your path, this is mine. When God changes my path and points me in a different direction, off I shall go. Until then I personally enjoy functioning. And will continue to use the resources He has given me to get through it.

Happy Monday.


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