What To Bring To the Psych Unit

Just some preplanning tips in case you don’t know what is okay and what isn’t for your special hospital stay.

Heres the good news, you can have your own clothes! Yeah! Heres the bad news, no strings or underwires. So plan on sports bras and stretch pants. You won’t be able to have them immediately but eventually, you can change into them after they have been inspected and deemed to be weapon free. Oh and no tank tops, that’s not just a rule it’s hopefully common sense. I mean are you really there to pick up someone? I can see the pickup lines now.

Personal hygiene products. Yes, you can have them! Nobody wants to be the stinky person on the unit. You won’t be allowed to keep them, but you can ask for them from the nurse’s station whenever you need to remoisturize or whatever.

Books, magazines, and journals. But if it has a wire leave it at home, cause you ain’t gettin it. Journaling is encouraged, so if you do have one that isn’t wire-bound take it with you and write your little heart out.

Now the don’t include all electronics, shoelaces and anything else that you could use to harm yourself or another person. So don’t waste your breath trying to debate why you have to have your phone. YOU AIN’T GETTIN IT.

So if you are into setting up “emergency bags”. You now are ready to set aside the items that are okay to bring for your, “I’m losing my crap”, stay.



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