Abraham Lincoln’s Depression, One of the Great Phoenixes

He rose and fell so many times. He preserved with an overwhelming sense of greatness and death. He was victorious and spoken down to by his cabinet. He won the Republican nomination and became sick. There is credible evidence to suggest that Lincoln had suicidal tendencies in his younger years perhaps throughout his life.  And yet he is one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen.

People try and paint the psychological profile of Lincoln, but because of his persistence to play his role in this world, it throws the DSM askew.  But I think if they knew what we know. Creating a profile with a person with a lifelong mood disorder that can be suicidal but does not follow through because they feel obligated to one thing or another is not uncommon.

Each time something happened in Lincoln’s life, good or bad, he would or so it appears fall into the rabbit’s hole. (Yes, I got to use an Alice in Wonderland reference!) The worry, concern but above all passion were all parts of Lincoln’s make up. And from each fall into the rabbit’s hole, he would rise again and achieve a greater victory.



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