Mental Illness Does Not Discriminate

It wasn’t that long ago that I would’ve been locked away for my mood disorder. Sent off to the most convenient institution. It really wasn’t until the 1970’s that we started to take a good look at our institutions and how we were treating humans, here on our own soil. If you’d like to read the NPR article Remembering an Infamous New York institution.

Or we could discuss our eugenics and sterilization programs that we had also right here on U.S. Soil. Eugenics in the United States.

I only bring up these two and not the others because unless you have been living in the Rocky Mountains married to your sister, you should be darn well aware of the discrimination going on today and what has been so hard to fight for, for so long. And to a certain degree, I almost feel bad getting into to the fight, for mental health rights. But then I think about how I’ve spent my whole life, “faking it to make it”, and just saying that makes me tired.

So I call out the ignorance of anyone who thinks they will never have to carry the burden of a mental health issue. I also call BS on the line of crap that mental health care will resolve its issues when health care is reformed. WRONG The strain of mental health care in this country is overburdening the healthcare and welfare system for that matter. Sure some people on welfare are lazy. Given proper treatment though, do you know how many people would go back to work? A lot more than we have now! Even 5 is more.

So before you think that mental health care is not affecting you, think about what the possible outcome could look like in this country if people with mental illness were properly treated.


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