My Depression

I’m not quite there just yet, I have a ways to go. But I know that the light I see ahead of me is not an illusion. Depression is a strange thing, it can come from nowhere or from somewhere. For me, I always end up in the same place, the void.

It’s a place of nothingness. I see things and here things but if they are fact or fiction I can not tell. The terrain looks like a crave, but has no feeling to it and the light if I see it, is fleeting. I am none existent. I give nothing to society, and so why oh why am I here. It’s the same mantra my brain plays over and over again.

Knowing that just typing this out, tells me I’m coming back to. But it’s a painful process, the process to feel again. CS Lewis wrote, “The Great Divorce”. I often wonder if that book came from the emotions one goes through just to get through the nothingness to the point of pleasure again.

Only time will tell.


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