Food, My Period, Weather, Color For the Love!

Like really where is my box? I just want to know because apparently there is not one place, way thing that will not affect my mood. Clearly, I am a volatile out of control insane individual.

Okay maybe not, alright not at all. But do you know how freaking annoying life is when every change in tone in voice is met with, “did you eat?” “Are you getting your period soon?” “Are you being affected by the seasons?”

LEAVE ME ALONE, I am human I have bad days. I have days when I am a grump. Sometimes even 2 days in a row. Some days I wake up and no I don’t need to eat all day, the next day if I don’t eat I’m in the dumps.

Sometimes I get sad because it’s not summer. Then I get happy because it’s snowing and I get to stay in.

It’s not all about my mood disorder. We are humans too! Let us breathe!


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