Mental Illness Is An Excuse?

Well dang, I’m cured. Here I was under the assumption that it is a chronic, often life-threatening disease that causes a distortion in the thinking patterns of an otherwise healthy individual. Nope, it’s an excuse.

Now let me tell you I have excuses coming out my behind, all sorts of things. But never have I thought that being bipolar was an excuse to not go after my dreams. Actually, I have found it to be the opposite.

During an episode of clinical depression, my dreams change. I don’t know about you, but for me, all I want is the pain to stop and to live like a normal person. But my brain won’t even let me figure out how to get dressed. I’m lucky that I don’t pee and live in it. When I’m me again, these things are no longer there. I do go after what I want, I do not fear the unknown. I often take that mental illness and decide I’m going to kick it where it counts and show it who is going to win.

When I’m depressed, my dream is to no longer be a burden. It’s a good thing I don’t follow my dreams, I’d reach for any number or all of the bottles of pills in my closet.

Choose your words wisely my friends. Unless you have been where we have been you don’t know the struggle and your advice, or whatever is invalid.


To the woman who I annoyed and made all paranoid about on social media about her choice of words. I wish you luck. But don’t ever tell me that mental illness is an excuse.


5 thoughts on “Mental Illness Is An Excuse?

  1. Have you read my post “Must Be Nice”? I had family tell me last year that it “must be nice” to be on disability. ‘Scuse you?! How is having a messed up life “nice”? (Sheesh.)


      1. I realize that they had to work all their lives for their retirement, but they don’t stop and think that some of us would -like- to be able to have a normal job and a normal life. (Not that I’m desperate to have a job, but I don’t like being considered a loser, either.)

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