Jesus Christ did not say, “Go into all the world and tell the world that it is quite right” CS Lewis

Oh how I had a good laugh when I read that. Christ certainly said a good many and important things, but never did he say the world was right. As a matter of fact, I’m wrong, a lot. (Just ask my boyfriend. ;))

Our treatment of people with unseen disabilities is the definition of insane. Don’t get me wrong we have come a long way, but it wasn’t that long ago I had to yell at a little girl for staring wide-eyed at a woman having a breakdown. Really? Where is your mother?

And on the other hand, we have those people who play off their disabilities and get away with it. Leaving the rest of us, working so very hard ready to ring their necks. I mean really I’d like to take the rest of my life off for my disabilities. But I don’t have too, I had to learn how to work with it, but I did. I still struggle and sometimes so hard.

Between doctors, I had to go through withdrawals of my meds, basically, it’s like coming off of crack. It’s not an overnight process, it was a month of no sleep, just wanting to die. But finally, I was able to be seen again. But then the process begins again, side effects. Welcome to the wild world of our health system, refills, and insurance companies.

My business suffered. I suffered, and my boyfriend suffered. Thank God my family lives 3 hours away, they’d of taken me in. I’m a fighter though you see. (Side Note) My mother has lost 5 of her 6 brother’s and sisters. My grandmother lost 3 of her children before she passed. I will fight until I have nothing to me before I will put my mother through that pain. My pain no matter how heavy it is is better for me to carry than for her to endure the loss of a child.

But that is the society we live in.  All goes to hell because a doctor leaves a healthcare system, it takes 6 weeks for the next provider and the insurance company refuses to authorize refills until I’m seen by a provider.



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