All I want for Christmas is governments health records….

Fair is fair, I’m stuck showing you mine, show me yours. I pay for your health insurance for the rest of your life even. Not only an American citizen also I am a Daughter of the American Revolutionary War. Check the National Archives if you like. (Go through Berseth-Brown-Sharp(e) and there we are. Our great so and so forth set many treaties with the Native American’s. He was very successful. But I’d dare to think what he’d say if he knew what his country has turned into.

You will never find me kneeling during our National Anthem in protest to how we are treated (which is despicable).  I have too much respect for what we have fought for and what we believed and believe in to give up now. But now is the time. Too many have died in vain so that people can sit and allow things to happen to them.  I will continue to stand, I will continue to fight and I will continue to honor the fallen and the real heroes who came home, to save my sorry butt.

Government is controlled by pharmaceutical companies. Why is the greatest nation on earth being controlled by an entity outside of its leaders? Why is it that someone goes to the doctor and their records become a record for the government, but yet, I have no idea what procedures I am paying for my congressmen? How many congressmen have had their limp dicks fixed on my dime? How many of their daughters have birth control on my dime?

How many of these drugs and procedures are set up with the pharmaceutical companies at a lesser cost to the government? Then it costs a woman who is working 2 jobs to raise 1 child pay for health care costs to get the same procedure?

Fair is Fair, Government I want to know what I am paying for. I want your records.


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